Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Fear of Hope

How many are living half-hearted lives, never fully expecting the best to come out of what they do or plan? Or what God does or plans. How is that hope?

I can no longer live in that cynical place of holding back and expecting the worst or only hoping just enough that my feelings don't get hurt if things don't pan out. I've made some of the worst decisions of my life because I became hopeless and gave up. I stop expecting better, stopped looking forward to good things happening to me, couldn't fathom a good future. I hurt the people that I love and I hurt myself. We are still hurting and healing. That is somewhere that no one should be.

I say, recklessly throw yourself in hope. Not in fragile things, of course. I'm not advising that anyone put all their hopes in things that are meaningless or that are unfulfilling or that don't last. Put your hope in what will be there tomorrow, in what has been proven time and time again. You'll never go wrong in that.

So then, when things in life go wrong, you still have your hope. And your promises will still come through.

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