Friday, March 21, 2014

Chronic Illness Form

I finally gave up on having the doctor fax the chronic illness form and just took two hours out of my day, hopped into my raggedy car, and drove it to the school. I couldn't wait any longer after I got the notice today that my son's unexcused absences had reached the five maximum. If I ever find that some of those were indeed excused, it's on. Because that sounds like way too many.

Boy, the angers that rolled off me. Yeah. I kept my mouth mostly shut, however. I did a point and stare routine.

The receptionist foisted me on the nurse immediately. The nurse asks me ridiculous questions that I refuse to answer. I show her the notice. She doesn't deal with that; the district sends those out. Will the form handle that? Well, the district will take it into 'consideration.'

Then she looks me in the eye...and tells me that it's up to me whether or not I take my child home. She wants my son to be kept in school as much as possible.


She just didn't know the danger she was in--no, she didn't. Then she blames the teacher for sending him to the nurse's office. I guess that's why she demands that he goes home all the time, too? Then I get a 'Does he have medications?' Yes, his inhaler! At the school. Use it! Why don't you have a brain?

She said other stuff, but I left.

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