Friday, July 31, 2009

Step 1

This is all in hindsight. It's 120/40, you know.

I have grown to known Jackson, MS, in my three or so years living there, and I won't have fond memories of this place. After Josh left, I... I don't know... grew restless, no... paranoid. Every squeak felt ominous. And I would stupidly watch the news and be scared silly of reports of murders and burglaries, all much too close to home.

I had decided before Josh had left that I was not staying in Jackson alone. It was too much. For one, I couldn't afford it. No one was hiring [me], and Josh didn't have a job in California yet. I would move back to my old hometown, well, more like home community. The biggest decision was whether to do it before or after Christmas. Of course, one night staring at the ceiling listening to sirens convinced me that it was going to be before.