Friday, April 4, 2014

Allergies Part 2

I had a follow-up appointment at the ear, nose, and throat doctor. My ear pain is better and I was basically just getting further information about some allergy tests I took.

Well, I'm allergic to dust. More specifically dust mites. I learned that there are different kinds and that I'm allergic to all of them, apparently? He just kept listing weird species and saying that I was allergic to them. Oddly, no ragweed pollen even though it makes me tear up like nobody's business and even my eyes swell up.

Whatever. Also, cockroach waste. We don't have those so...not thinking about that. I do have dust. I don't like to dust because well, I officially know I'm allergic to it. Ha! I'm officially allergic to dusting. I'll tell my husband immediately.

I'm supposed to use nasal spray now. Ugh. I hate that stuff. I guess it'll only help me and keep my ears from hurting, but...yuck.

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