Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Day Off

Ok, not a day off. But I'll do less than usual. Eating out is going to be tricky with a milk allergy, isn't it? Not many want to cater to people with restricted diets, yet there are so many who require them.

I'm going to a buffet-style thing, and I'll have to bring my own food even though I'm paying for the food to get in. I don't feel like going over what has what in it. Much easier this way. If they cared, they would ask about those with restricted diets...the diabetics, the Celiac-stricken, the low-salt eaters, the whatevers. They don't have to make an entire menu for each one, either. Just some simple foods as opposed to the pork and beef drenched with heavy sauces usually offered.

But like I said, it's easier this way.

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