Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Black enough

To be black
I should be
poor, uneducated,
violent, loud,
belligerent, fertile,
proud, country, threatening,
soul-food loving,
oppressed, thick,
promiscuous, street-wise,
ghetto, imprisoned,
ignorant, pimping,
stoned, lawbreaking,
resentful, blue-collar,
athletic, and lazy.

I'm not black
when I value
education, speak coherently,
have two left feet, try to be a hero,
hold my tongue, eat healthy,
like nice things, act nerdy,
want to be better,
stay in suburbia, can't talk with a swagger,
don't beat my kids,
inherit light skin,
uplift those around me,
earn money with a career,
get married, wear my hair natural,
associate with white people,
or rap not at all.

So maybe I'm not Black.

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