Monday, September 8, 2008

California or Bust

Right now, we're leaning more towards "bust." How will a family with two small children move to an incredibly expensive city (live in Mississippi for a while and everywhere and everything will seem "incredibly expensive") with no money, with only a glimmer of a job, and with no place to stay (as of yet)? Magic, of course.

We save up money. However, circumstances happen. The car breaks down. Gas prices rise. One of us loses a job.

We budget. Although, no one has ever explained to me where to go when we are already living as minimally as we can stand. So we have no cable or satellite, the kids are the ones who gets new clothes, the air conditioner runs a maximum of three hours a day, and we go out for entertainment/food less than once a month. In fact, I think my husband works part-time at a movie theater just so we won't have to pay for movies. Our one monthly splurge is internet service. I keep that up so that my husband will have a way to look for a job in CA and so that he can promote himself and his TV show, which is the whole reason why we are going to CA.

Don't feel sorry for us. We get all that we need and even a little of what we want. The point is--there is no "extra" money to save. Somehow it manages to be even more complicated than it seems. So how will we do it? The answer: we don't know. But that doesn't matter. We will do it.

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