Monday, December 30, 2013


I've been fighting migraines for half the year in 2013, since July. At the end of September the sporadic pain became more frequent-- I'd wake up with a headache, experience it for the duration of my waking hours, and go to sleep with a headache.

One thing you have to know about me: I hate going to the doctor. I despise it. What's the going to this person who, even though it's her or his entire job to provide me with a service, acts as though I'm getting in the way of doing their job? I'm somehow wasting their time with my pain and sickness. Who needs to be treated like that? So it's a testament to how much pain I was in (and how much better my new doctor is) that I decided to make an appointment.

The Ibuprofen prescribed did shorten the duration of the migraines so that I wasn't having them in the morning, but that still left the afternoon and night. On top of that, after exactly four hours the pain would kick back in, even though they were supposed to work for six. My doctor called me after a few weeks, and she changed it to two new medicines: one to prevent, one to stop an oncoming attack. The one that's supposed to stop the pain does nothing. Nothing. Plus, the side effects were a bit too strange for me. I don't take that anymore.

The one that prevents the headaches does much better. Some days I don't get headaches, but I still get them a few times a week. Coughing/sneezing, stress, and fatigue sets off the headaches easily so I'm taking things easy.

My priorities have changed dramatically. I have to be careful even how I clean the house. I can't lose control of my emotions. I have to be careful not to overwhelm myself. These things make me look at my life very carefully to see where I'm dragging around unnecessary weight.

It's time to lose the baggage.

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