Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spiritual Gifts

In Sunday school, our class is on a series about spiritual gifts. I'm excited. I've thought about spiritual gifts, read them in the Bible without really understanding them, but I have not really tried to figure mine out.

I did talk to my husband a while back about his opinions of what my gifts to be. I got the old "iono," and my enthusiasm for the whole thing faded.

Now we're working through a book called S.H.A.P.E. that outlines how to discover and develop them. So far, I've realized that the reason I'm so confused with my role in God's plan is that I haven't been searching hard enough for my role. I don't serve enough in the church so I haven't come across the opportunities that develop and strengthen and prepare me for the ministry.

I have to work on that. This year I'm going to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to new ways that I can serve so that hopefully, along the way, I'll find the ministry that is just right for me and that benefits the most from my unique gifts.

One of the things that the book suggests doing is getting a "spiritual partner" to hold me accountable and to act as an objective sounding board. At first I assumed I would just struggle through it with my husband while at the same time knowing that wasn't a good idea. But it would put him on the spot, and he's not the type to really be honest if it means hurting someone's feelings. This has become very important to me and I knew I need someone who is honest and spiritual and is a person I could trust. I ran through a mental list of people I knew, but none fitting those three characteristics (I either need to get to know people better or broaden my circle of acquaintances).

Then a name just popped in my head. Why didn't I think of this person before? I don't know. Then I was apprehensive about approaching her for this kind of thing because... well, I know she's busy and I didn't want to trouble her with something that could prove to be a chore. I gathered up my courage and asked any way. She accepted! I found out just how perfect a choice I was led to when she said she was excited to do this with me. Excited!

We've already met once and after I told her more about my spiritual life (and cried a little), we prayed and she thanked me for asking her to do this. Thanked me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life. I don't know why I hesitated asking her. I guess I expected her to be like others I have known. I'm glad I didn't let stupid assumptions hinder me in connecting with this lovely soul. I will let her be my example when I am serving others.

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