Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Stripped Down Life

And I say "Holiday Season" not because I'm trying to be politically correct (what a useless concept), but because I'm including Thanksgiving.

This year I'm not decorating the house or giving presents that I haven't made. I'm not in the Kwanzaa spirit, nor am I rebelling against the materialistic system that turns a holy day from being about the celebration of The Emmanuel who has come to Save us to being about buying a lot of gifts for people who are barely liked and going into debt.

Yay, holidays?

The whole idea of Christmas has become another way to give me stress. I hate being stressed. It makes my hair fall out. I can't eat or sleep right. It harshes my buzz, man. So right now, I'm stripping my life down to the things I can't live without.

I cannot live without:
  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Basic Life Functions
  4. Love
  5. Reading
  6. Writing
  7. Joy

Kinda sorta in that order. I can live without:
  1. "Friends"
  2. Money
  3. Ambition
  4. Politics
  5. Bills
  6. Trying to provide everything
  7. Doing things because everyone does
  8. Feeling like crap because of being treated like crap
  9. Anyone who can't do their job competently (It's a recession, employers. Good employees are a dime a dozen.)
Now I feel as if my life is calming down. There are too many distractions keeping me from being content with what I have. These distractions keep me from enjoying the simplest things, but with a stripped down life, I can finally focus on the important things. I can breathe. I can live. And living feels good.

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