Monday, August 31, 2009

Step 4

After 3 weeks of calling and calling and calling about my daughter's Medi-Cal, someone contacts me. Approved! A full month after my son's insurance was approved.

The Medi-Cal supervisor was the person who called. No word from the case worker. He (the supervisor)was amazingly rude. Kept referring to me as "dear." Yeah. I asked why it took three weeks for someone to call me back. I don't know, dear, but - hey, look at the shiny! He sounded like the sort of person who goes through special training to learn to be that level of unhelpful. The kind of person whose incompetence is a daily goal. And, unfortunately, a person whose job is secured for life.

I guess no one will be answering for the way I've been treated. They are already starting to not matter to me, though. I guess it can't be helped because I can't imagine that so many people would put up with what I went though. I just know that others have complained.

Although, I think I will try one last time getting answers with a couple of well-worded letters (Three down, one to go--totally not worth all this).

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